Shaddari Inc, an artificial intelligence software development company for healthcare, launched Sentinel 24 ( its smart virtual waiting app

 30-January-2021 – Montreal, Canada – Shaddari Inc, a company specialized in decision support systems, announced the development of Sentinel 24 ( This mobile application is designed to reduce wait times by completely virtualizing line ups in workspaces such as healthcare facilities to improve productivity and avoid Covid-19 contact cases.

“We have sought to drastically reduce waiting time, in physical line ups at service points such as Covid-19 diagnostics and vaccination centers, as well as in hospital laboratories, in order to improve their productivity and efficiency”. Said A.M. Abbassi, Shaddari’s founder and CEO.

Improving Productivity in Healthcare Facilities

Before the pandemic, most medical facilities were overwhelmed by patients who had to wait several hours for treatments. This phenomenon was accentuated by the recent pandemic and social distancing measures.

Sentinel 24 was designed primarily to address this problem. This application can be easily integrated into the various processes and systems used by healthcare staff. The latter will now be able, via Sentinel 24, to automatically notify patients of their consultation rounds, directly through their smartphones for just in time provided services. Unlike other virtual queuing systems, this application can also work without a smartphone, a staff can add a patient name and phone number on a virtual queue through the web application dashboard provided, and they will be notified through a text message or a call. Nor does the system require any sort of tablet at the clinic to register patients, it is 100% touchless and can also happen remotely. Lastly, patients needing more time can request it through the Sentinel 24 mobile application, which will update their place in the virtual queue automatically, requiring no human intervention. Making it a dynamic two-way interaction between providers and customers, instead of a static virtual queue as it is the case of existing virtual queuing solutions.

An application that satisfies government measures of social distancing

Governments around the world have generally put in place restrictions on the number of people that can be admitted within a business place (pharmacies, grocery stores, etc.) to better implement the rules of social distancing and avoid the formation of clusters. Sentinel 24 thus comes at the right time for managers of businesses such as grocery stores, clinics and pharmacies to better manage customer traffic while respecting social distancing.


More on Shaddari Inc:

Shaddari Inc. is a Montreal-based company specialized in the development and distribution of decision support systems in the healthcare sector by leveraging recent advances in artificial intelligence. It focuses mainly on two areas, the repurposing of existing vaccines as a suppression measure of emerging new virus variants and the individualization of drug dosages to mitigate the occurrence of adverse medication events.

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